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  • How to Convince Your Kids to Mow The Lawn

    Got a neighbor who is the eye sore of your neighborhood? Turns out, you can get them arrested.
    In Tennessee, Karen Holloway actually went to jail over the condition of her yard. It all started over the summer when the city sent her a citation. She admits she didn't properly maintain her yard, which had overgrown trees and bushes, but says that was due to personal family issues. She also felt going to jail was ridiculous. The judge heard the case and handed down a five-day jail sentence but amended it to six hours. Holloway turned herself in Tuesday at the jail and completed her sentence. So if you’re looking to scare your kids into mowing the lawn this summer. That’ll do it. Read More
  • Thank you Netflix. For Changing my definition of Marathons.

    Netflix announced today that they will begin streaming every episode of the TV show Friends next year. January 1st, the day after your New Year’s eve shenanigans. So if you stayed up a little too late the night before ringing in the New Year, it’ll be a perfect day to do a marathon. On Netflix that is. You're obviously excited. If you can't wait that long, just turn on any TV, to any channel, in any country, any time of the day or night. It will also be there. It always is. Read More


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UPDATE: Container Ship Adrift
Updated 7:15 pm  Friday, October 17 The next few hours may be critical as a maritime emergency continues to unfold off the west coast of ... Read more...

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A look at the 10 semifinalists in the World's Funniest Person competition

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Still the Same: Bob Seger launches tour and new album, 'Ride Out'

NEW YORK, N.Y. - At 69, Bob Seger says he's ready to hit the road again: He's scaled back smoking and bicycles 10 miles a day as part of a workout routine.



Longtime 'Letterman' cue card man says he was fired after grabbing colleague in clash at work

NEW YORK, N.Y. - David Letterman's longtime cue-card holder says he wound up cuing his own firing by getting aggressive with a colleague.


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